In winter, our animal neighbours are usually well hidden...

The Fideriser Heuberge offer a habitat for a whole range of mammals and birds. Thanks to the good camouflage, many animals can hardly be seen in winter. Many visitors are therefore largely unaware that the area of the Heuberge is home to animals such as grouse, black grouse, snow hare, deer, roe deer, foxes, stoats, marmots and many more. For the protection of these animals there are several so-called game resting areas in the surrounding area. These provide a habitat for the animals in winter, which should protect them from disturbances.

Wildlife rest areas

Respect the nature

The metabolism of the animals at the cold temperatures must be kept very low in winter to ensure winter survival. Even small disturbances, caused by humans, can upset this delicate balance and endanger the survival of the animals. The animals therefore spend more time in the wildlife resting areas in winter, as this offers them protection.

It is very important to us that we can preserve the nature around the Heuberge in its diversity. We would therefore like to draw the attention to our guests to refrain from driving and entering the Wildlife resting areas and Wildasyles (red colour) around the Heuberge.