Our winter season starts on 22 December 2023 and lasts until 17 March 2024.

We look forward to your visit!


Snow fun is waiting in the Heuberge at every corner! Here every adventurous visitor gets his money’s worth. The complete overview of all winter activities can be found under the following link:



With its 3 family owned ski lifts and idyllic slopes, Heuberge is the perfect combination: secluded and private, yet with plenty of variety.

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One of our highlights: the longest sledge track in Switzerland. Who hasn't dreamt of sledging 12 km non-stop without the hassle of getting there and back up? With us in the Heubergen this dream becomes reality!

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Like on clouds over the snow: with these air cushions you fly with Karacho over the white winter landscape! Possible on illuminated slopes
always Friday and Saturday
20:00 - 22:00.

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Our natural seclusion makes the Heuberge the ideal place for ski tours. Even beginners will have no problem getting their money's worth in the gentle hills of the area.

Mehr dazu

Highly popular!

Particularly recommendable and an absolute winter favourite in the Heuberge since time immemorial (since the start?): the classically delicious and extremely cosy fondue fun!

You will find an overview of other winter offers in the next section

Winter offers

At 2000 meters above sea level, winter holidays will be a special kind of fun, in cosy mountain houses, with great gastronomy and snow sports deluxe. We offer the following special offers to our snow enthusiastic guests.

Full moon sledging

Especially dreamy at full moon: night sledging

Snow cats

Experience this massive machine as a copilot

Group excursion

Especially suitable for groups - our bars invite you to stay and enjoy

All you can do

How much snow fun is possible in one day? The best way to find out is with the "All you can do" ticket

Adventure package

Particularly versatile and also a perfect gift

New Year's Eve

At our New Year's Eve event also party animals find what their hearts desire

Safety precautions

To ensure that the snow remains fun during all these exciting activities, please exercise caution and circumspection and read our safety instructions on avalanche danger and behaviour in an emergency:


In the Heuberge we attach great importance to a good connection to nature.

But having the privilege of experiencing the beauty of nature so closely also means acting responsibly and keeping an eye on the other creatures with whom we share our habitat. 

Enjoy wonderful winter views in the Heuberge mountains.
Nature Friendly
The harmony with the surrounding nature is our priority.
In winter many of our animal neighbours are asleep


Especially in winter the journey to the Heuberge is an adventure in itself. During the idyllic ascent exciting anticipation arises directly!

Since we are located in a particularly remote area, you can only reach us in winter with the in-house, weatherproof Heuberge buses from Küblis and Fideris (and from Jenaz if booked in advance). The mountain road is closed for private vehicles in winter. 

All details about the winter ascent here: