Oh hiking can be so beautiful!

Here, hikers can live the pure excitement of our beautiful surrounding. The nearby Clunererseen are only 30 minutes away. You can linger there and after the walk back to the restaurant the fine coupe tastes even better. The Mattjischhorn is a little further, but the view is all the more spectacular and hiking professionals will find their luck on the Glattwang during a somewhat more demanding tour. Let our hiking suggestions inspire you. 

Experience the wonderful mountain world and climb one of the two local mountains “Glattwang” and “Mattjischhorn” and with luck you might spot some chamois or deer. Multi-day tours can be combined with overnight stays in the neighbouring areas, for example the Hochwanghütte in Schanfigg. Or walk along the marked flower path and learn a lot of interesting facts about the flora of the Fideriser Heuberge.

Our surroundings:

The hiking trails in the Heubergen

Clunererseen: For families, seniors and all cozy

On the Clunererseen duck and frog say good night to each other. The Clunererseen lie in the middle of a moorland area of national importance. Past mountain meadows and the model flying area, you can reach the Clunerseen within 30 minutes. At the upper Clunersee the mountain stream meanders through the moorland, a perfect place where children can play undisturbed by the water. For those who would like to extend the tour a little further, the path leads past alpine meadows and happy cows to the Arflina-Furgga.

Mattjischhorn: For mountain climbers

The tour leads from the Arflina over magnificent mountain meadows of the Clunersee plain to the Arflina Furgga and from there up over the ridge to the Mattjischhorn. There you can immortalize yourself in the summit book before the tour passes alpine meadows and returns towards Arflina.

The tour takes about 3 hours and is suitable for young and old.

Glattwang: For professionals and nature lovers

From the Arflina you walk along the flower path for a while, where you can learn about the unique flora of the Fideris Heuberge. Continue along the path past alpine roses to the Glattwangseeli. It is likely that you will meet marmots along the way. Then the path leads over the ridge to the Glattwang (2376 m.a.s.l.). From the narrow ridge you have a wonderful view of the Wildasyl and with a bit of luck you can observe numerous deer in the early morning. Chamois are also native to the area around the Glattwang and can also be observed in the afternoon. From the ridge the path leads over the Arflina-Furgga back to the Heuberge.

Tip: Hikers should be sure-footed and free from giddiness for this tour

Hiking in the Heubergen

A pleasure for all senses