On this page you will find an overview of the summer activities in the Heubergen, as well as all links to further information.


Highly adventurous

Enjoy the seclusion and closeness to nature of the Heuberge and experience adventure!

There is something for everyone in our summer activities, from hiking, dog training and model flying to spectacular descents on our bikeboards. And if you’ve had enough of action, you can relax at one of our nearby lakes or enjoy culinary delights in our restaurant Arflina.


The green hills of the area attract with promising hiking tours and a full dose of nature


Sporty on two wheels through the Heuberge


12-kilometer descent on our racy bikeboards with magnificent views

Model Flying

Model flying groups are most welcome here!


Around the Arflina there is very often wildlife to observe in the summer.


The Heuberge offer a whole mountain full of trainings

Solar Sauna

More information here.


Summer adventures