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Our Products

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Want to know where the meat on your plate comes from?

We attach great importance to regional and sustainable development. That is why we source our meat from the region, directly from the farmer, so to speak. You’re guaranteed to come across him today, because he works with us in the wintertime.

The animals, be they yak, beef or veal, are brought by the farmers themselves to the nearby slaughterhouse of the Mark butchery in Lunden, Schiers. There or at Urs Vetter in Fideris the meat is processed further. You see, here too we work together with and support companies in the Prättigau.

Our pork comes from pigs from the Realta justice and penal institution in Domleschg. The butcher Mark picks up the pig in Realta and drives it to Lunden.

The Heuberge Heroes

The animals come from the following farmers:

Our products

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