Full moon sledding

Full moon sledding

Full moon sledding in winter 2022/23

  • 06.01.-08.01.2023 (Full moon Saturday 08.01.)
  • 03.02.-05.02.2023 (Full moon Sunday 05.02.)
  • 03.03.-05.03.2023 (Full moon Tuesday 07.03.)

The night sledding in the Heuberge mountains is beautiful even if the moon is not quite full.

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Sledding in the moonlight – absolutely beautiful.

An experience of a very special kind! When the moon is full, the light of the moon is usually enough to illuminate the entire sledding trail together with the surrounding snow, and even if the moon is not quite full, the reflection on the white snow cover illuminates the night. Headlamps are still recommended for safety reasons. 

The night sledding is especially recommended in combination with a fondue fun. Table reservations for the à la carte menu are also possible.

Info at a glance

  • Night sledging is possible every day with a minimum of 6 participants (can also belong to different groups).
  • Pre-registration is required for the mountain trip.
  • The demand on weekends for sledding with fondue fun is very high, so it is recommended to reserve the tables as early as possible.
  • Please always notify us of any changes in your plans in a timely manner!

Bus & Table Reservations

Mountain rides

Pre-registration is required for the mountain trip.

Minimum 6 people in total.

16.15 -19.15 Uhr

16.15 – 22.30 Uhr

Fondue fun & dinner

Bus rides from Fideris Sägerei and tables for dinner in our guesthouses can be reserved on Fridays and Saturdays for the following times:

  • 16.15 Bus, Table for 17.00-19.00
  • 17.15 Bus, Table for 18.00-20.00
  • 18.15 Bus, Table for 19.15-21.15
  • 19.15 Bus, Table for 20.30- open end
  • 20.15 Bus, Table for 21.30- open end


Night sledding

  • Mountain ride: CHF 26.00 per person
  • Mountain ride children: CHF 16.00 per child
  • Sledge rental: CHF 16.00 per sled
  • Headlamp: CHF 18.00 per lamp

Fondue fun

  • Adults: from CHF 55.00 (Mon-Thu) to CHF 62.00 (Fri-Sun) incl. ascent, Fondue à Discretion & Röteli
  • Children: CHF 34.00 (Mon-Thu), CHF 39.00 (Fri-Sun) (without Röteli)

Contact for

Reservation requests

Phone: 081 300 30 70

E-mail: info@heuberge.ch


We are happy to take people who cannot sled for certain reasons back to Fideris by bus. If there are non-sledders in your group, please indicate this when making your reservation and let our service staff know. The latest time for the return transport is 22.00 hrs. On well-booked days, a later return transport is still possible.


Our toboggan run is not illuminated and we therefore recommend that you wear a headlamp. Buses in oncoming traffic must be expected. We recommend that you do not drive in a heavily intoxicated state. If you feel unsafe, we will be happy to take you down to the valley by bus.

Heuberge at night

Moonlight sledding