Snow sports

On this page you will find an overview of the winter activities in the Heuberge, as well as all links to further information.

Snow sports

Highly adventurous

The pace of life in our winter wonderland is fast. Well recovered after a night in our cosy mountain houses and loaded with delicious food from our restaurants, action on the slopes is even more fun!

The following activities are particularly popular in the Heubergens in winter:


Explore the ski area of the Heuberge - with ski or snowboard, on or off the slopes


The longest sledge run in Switzerland - a pleasure by day and moonlight


Fly over the snow at night on illuminated slopes with this action air cushion


Experience nature in the vastness of the landscape on gentle hills

Ski school

Get a new start in the art of snow sports with professionals or improve your technique


In our ski area there is fine powder snow off the slopes

Action in the Heuberge