Conduct in an emergency

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In order to enjoy your winter sports trip and to prevent accidents, please observe the following instructions of the bfu.

If you nevertheless have an accident on the piste, or observe an accident yourself, please note the following points:

  • keep cool
  • Save and highlight the accident site
  • Provide first aid and protect the injured person against the cold
  • Call the rescue service, or an employee of Heuberge AG, or report the accident on 081 300 30 70, and we will alert the piste patrol or Rega.
  • Give us the location of the injured person as well as their age and sex.
  • Stay with the injured person and provide first aid until the patrolman or Rega are on site.
  • Give us your personal data as witnesses, as well as the personal data of the injured person.

If necessary, the rescue service of Heuberge AG will contact Rega directly.

Emergency numbers

  • Heuberge AG: 081 300 30 70
  • Ambulance: 144
  • Rega: 1414
If 081 300 30 70 is not available please contact 144 or 1414 directly!

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