Holiday with a dog

The Heuberge offer a mountain area full of training and recreation possibilities for you and your four-legged friend. The extensive landscape offers dogs boundless possibilities to let off steam. In summer, when the meadows are mowed, it’s time to get on the leashes! All mowed meadows are then open for training and from August 20th all of the meadows in the Heubergen are available for resting and training.

With the starting point at 2000 meters, you can expect rather cooler temperatures in midsummer, so that your four-legged companion can work at full speed with us when it is too hot for training in the valley below. 

Should the dog start to sweat or head smokes from training, the two lakes and the many streams offer enough opportunities to cool off. 

Information and inspiration about the training area can be found here: 

Dogs in the mountain lodge

Of course dogs are also welcome in the Berghaus Arflina and are allowed to stay in the hotel room. 

Please note that dogs are welcome to make themselves comfortable on the floor, but not in bed. It is almost impossible to remove the dog’s hair from the bedding, so in this case we unfortunately have to charge an extra fee.

Heuberge training area

The Heuberge offer ideal training conditions for training with dogs.

On the forecourt of the Berghaus Heuberge leisure groups can train and polish the basics. In summer, the area around the Heuberge also offers ideal conditions for tracking or retrieval exercises. In winter, avalanche search dogs train with us.

Of course, we will be happy to provide information about the training opportunities around the Heuberge.

Highly welcome

Our four legged friends