Wild life

No neighbors? Well, that's not exactly true...

Around the Arflina there is a lot of wildlife to observe in summer. In addition to marmots and birds of prey, red deer can be observed very close to the Glattwang early in the morning. It is not uncommon to see over a hundred red deer in one place.

Also on the Glattwang, chamois can be found on the rocky flanks of the mountain range. With a bit of luck and depending on the wind, the chamois and their young can be observed up close.

Also the flora is remarkable

The Heuberge mountains are a paradise for plant lovers. And the summer meadows around the Heuberge promise a diversity of species that is second to none. So that hikers and plant lovers can find out about the fauna typical of the region, there is a plant nature trail very close to the Arflina, which is maintained by volunteers from the village of Fideris. Guided tours of the plant trail by local specialists are also possible.

Neighbouring nature

Biodiversity in the Heuberge mountains