The panorama in the Heubergen is breathtaking and pricelessly beautiful. With the seasons and weather conditions it is constantly changing and every day is a spectacle. Not only when the sun lights up the mountain ridges like in a fairy tale, but also in mystical fog or theatrically heavy rain clouds, we enjoy this wonderful view from the Heubergens every day anew.

Bikeboarding and Hiking become a feast for all senses. And if you want to take a break and simply enjoy the landscape without any movement, you can make yourself comfortable on the sun terrace of our restaurant Restaurants Arflina.


So beautiful is our summer mountain world

The feeling of the surrounding mountains can hardly be captured in pictures. Below you can see a short foretaste, but if you want to experience the Heuberge properly, it is best to come and visit us.

Heuberg Sommer
Heuberg Sommer
Heuberg Sommer