The harmony with nature is important to us

The mountain houses of the Heuberge are situated in a remote location in the middle of a high moor landscape of national importance.
The species-rich nutrient-poor meadows at 2000 metres above sea level give the Heuberge area its name. Numerous rare animal and plant species can be found around the mountain houses. The meadows are only mowed every two years. This extensive cultivation allows a sustainable landscape conservation.

While from the golden eagle to the ptarmigan, various bird species find an ideal breeding area in the Heubergen, larger wild animals such as chamois and red deer find protection during the hunting season in the Wildasyl on the Glattwang.

The preservation of this small paradise is an important concern of the Heuberge team. In the future, ways are to be found to promote the further development of Heuberge AG in harmony with nature.


Into the future with environmental awareness