Sledge run

12 km of sledge fun

The longest sledge track in Switzerland

Free Road

Between 14:30 - 16:00 there are no buses from Fideris to the Heuberge. Closing time for the buses means a free run on the sledge track!

Night sledging

Night sledging on the longest track in Switzerland. Follow the beam of your headlamp on the glistening snow down into the valley.

Full moon sledging

It becomes especially magical when the full moon illuminates the night. Then the snow in the moonlight glows so much that hardly any lamp is needed!

Sledge run

From the mountain lodges Arflina and Heuberge, the path leads over 1100 metres of altitude difference on a winding route into the valley and promises an unforgettable experience for young and old.

In the following sections you will find all details about sledging in the Heubergen.

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Sledge run in the Heuberge

sledging fun in a class of its own