The Heuberge are ideal for events and functions of all kinds. With us everything is available directly on site: An experienced team to help you with the planning, several mountain huts with over 200 beds and professional catering, and breathtaking views.

Whether classic or extraordinary, small or large, cosy or elegant, the Heubergens offer a wide range of possibilities.

In addition to private events, we also organise our own events. At the “HEF” (Heuberge EcoLogic Forum), we create a space to explore new, more sustainable ways for companies and create added value for the community. In addition, we crown our Heuberge King or Queen every year at the “König” (King’s), where he and his entourage can spend a day enjoying the entire ski area including all the houses. 

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At the Heuberge EcoLogic Forum, together with a colourful mixture of innovators, start-ups and sustainable lateral thinkers, we will pave new paths.


To rule over an entire ski area for a whole day, this is possible with the "King of the Mountain".


Highly eventful