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Snowshoe tours

The area of Heuberge is perfect for longer or shorter snowshoeing tours.

For relaxing

From Arflina you have tours in every level. For the ones that want more relaxed tours we would recommend a tour to Cluner lake or to Arflina-Furgga. These tours are about 1-2 hours and are not really steep and are perfect for beginners.

For the tougher

Snowshoes on Glattwang.
Snowshoes on Glattwang.

From Heuberge we also have some different tours also for the tougher guests. You can with snowshoes reach Glattwang where you have a beautiful view over Prättigau and Furnertobel.

Who rather wants to make a 2-days tour can reach us from Schanfigg over the  Hochwanghütte, or over the fondeier Skihaus Casanna.

From Skihaus Casanna which is a connecting point of Davos-Klosters and Heuberge. You will reach us over Mattjischhorn

The panoramic view over Schanfigg and Prättigau from Mattjischhorn is magnificent.

Tour suggestions

Here you will find some suggestions for a snowshoe hike

  • Snowshoes hike Glattwang: Link
  • 2 days snowshoe hike: Schanfigg-Fideriser Heuberge: Link

For beginners

We have tours for you if you are a snowshoes beginner or are unfamiliar with the Heuberge area. The guides from Ski & Snowboards School Saas will happily recommend a route or guide you around the area around Mattjischhorn.

More information can be found here Link