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Start and finish

Valley Station

The Valley Station for our buses is at  Sägerei Areal in Fideris (how to get there). This is the start and finish point for the sledge experience. Just below the bus station there is a big parking space where our guests can park their car for free.

At the counter you can buy your bus ticket or a day ticket for sledging. Here you can the latest information about the conditions of the sledge run or get answers if you have any questions about our different offers. Next to the counter you will find the place where you leave your sledge after returning down from the mountain.


Starting point

After the exciting bus ride up the mountain you either depart from Mountain Lodge Arflina or Heuberge. Both places are great as a starting point for your sledge run. After a warm drink or directly after the bus ride you can rent your sledge in the Ski rental (Mountain Lodge Arflina) or in the restaurant (Mountain Lodge Heuberge).