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Night sledging

Night- and full moon sledging

Night sledging on the longest sledge run in Switzerland. From the beam of your headlamp sledging down to the valley, which is what makes this sledge run very special. Night sledging is possible every day from a minimum of 6 persons (it can also be guests from different groups).

Full moon sledging

Full moon sledging is a very popular activity at Heuberge.  Normally is the light from the moon together with the white snow enough to light up the sledge run. We do recommend that you still bring a headlamp for safety reason.

Two-way traffic

Pay attentions during the night sledging for any buses coming towards you. Also be careful in the curves. It might be other people on sledges.



Bus- and table reservations

Night sledging without fondue

For the bus ride you need to make a reservation. Reservation are possible during the week from 16.00-19.30 and during the weekends from 16.00-22.00. You have to make a reservation by calling us  081-300 30 70 or send us an email on  info@heuberge.ch. A minimum of 6 persons per bus (this can be different groups) is necessary for us to provide the transfer. We offer a à la carte menu for the guests who do not want to eat fondue.

Fondue & dinner: table- and bus reservation

Please call us on 081-300 30 70 or send us an email info@heuberge.ch  to make a reservation.

Reservations for Friday and Saturday evenings are possible on following times.

Bus departure from Fideris Sägerei:

  • 16.15, Table reservation from 17.00-19.00
  • 17.15, Table reservation from 18.00-20.00
  • 18.15, Table reservation from 19.15-21.15
  • 19.15, Table reservation from 20.30- openend
  • 20.15, Table reservation from 21.30- openend

Information about the fondue evening you can find under the following link:

Table availability

Table availability:

During weekends we have a lot of reservations that is why you need to book your table as early as possible. Please let us know if there have been any changes in the number of persons so we can give you the right table for your group.


Non sledger

Guests who do not want to go down with the sledge can go back to the village by bus. If there are some in your group please let us know when you make the reservation and also let our staff in the restaurants know. Our last bus transfer is at 22.00 if we have a lot of reservations it might also be possible for a later transfer.




Price for night sledging without fondue:

  • Bus transfer adult: Fr. 19.- per Person
  • Bus transfer children: Fr. 13.- per child
  • Sledge rental: Fr. 14.- per sledge
  • Headlamp: Fr. 14.- per lamp


Price Fondue dinner

  • Adults: from Fr. 48.00 incl. bus transfer, fondue all you can eat & Röteli
  • Children: Fr. 29.00 (without Röteli)


The sledge rental is not included. For the ones who do not eat fondue they can choose something from our à la carte menu.


Our sledge run has no lights and that is why we recommend you to use a headlamp. Since it is a two-way street you will meet some buses coming up the mountain so please look out for them. We do not recommend you to go down with the sledge if you had too much to drink. If you feel insecure we gladly take you down with the bus to the valley. Otherwise please note the following instructions for  Emergency: