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Sledge run condition

Our staff is always doing everything they can to make the run as good as it can be. But it is always good to find out about the condition before you come. We recommend you to have look on our website or at  snow.myswitzerland.com 

to find out about the conditions. In short-term weather changes we gladly give you an update on the phone 081-300 30 70.

Own sledge & sledge rental

You can bring your own sledge. It would be transported with the bus and hand to you from the bus driver at arrival on the mountain.

Please keep an eye on your sledge. In the evening we recommend you to bring a bicycle lock for the sledge.

You can of course also rent a sledge at the mountain. Please click on the link for some more information about

Link: Sledge rental

Getting here & bus schedule

Our Buses are leaving from Fideris Sägerei, Jenaz and Küblis according to the following schedule.

  • The Heuberge buses from Jenaz and Küblis are only on request. You need to call us for a reservation. Otherwise please check the schedule of the local postauto.

Fideris Sägerei to Heuberge:

  • Morning from 09.00-13.00 (every half an hour).
  • Block time: Sledging without any meeting traffic from 14.30-16.00. Only during this time is it possible to sledge without any traffic coming towards you. Between Mountain Lodge Arflina and Heuberge there might be buses on the sledge run. It might also be some buses going down to the village at any time.
  • Afternoon: From 16.00 the buses are only on requests. **

Jenaz/Küblis to Heuberge:

  • The Heuberge buses from Jenaz and Küblis are only on request.
  • From 09.00-13.00 is it also possible to be picked up but you need to make a reservation.

*It can be up to 30 minutes delay

**For reservations please call 081- 300 30 70 or Email: info@heuberge.ch

Heuberge-Panorama Bus back in the days.
Heuberge-Panorama Bus back in the days.


Sledging is a funny activity but as any other winter sport it has risks.

That is why we ask you to read the following:

  • Get the latest information about the snow condition when you rent your sledge.
  • We recommend you to wear a helmet
  • If you are sledging with younger children please sledge during the block time.
  • The block time is no green light to go faster. Please go slow and use common sense. Look out for others and at blind spots please be extra carefully.
  • Please watch out for buses on the sledge run except for during the block time.
  • If you are going down in the dark please use a headlamp. (If you don`t have your own you can buy it in Berghaus Arflina or Heuberge.
  • Pay attention to the signs along the sledge run.
  • You will find some rules on sledge rules the bfu.
  • Please note following emergency numbers: 081-300 30 70 (phone number Heuberge AG), 144 (Ambulance), 1414 (Rega)