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Block time

Sledging without any meeting traffic

Our buses are departing every day from 0900-1300 from Fideris Sägerei. From 1430-1600 is block time. That means:

Between 1430-1600 there are no buses leaving Sägerei direction Heuberge. During this time you can go down with the sledge without meeting any buses on the way.  There might be buses going down to the valley though.  We recommend families with children to sledge down during this time. Between Mountain Lodge Arflina and Heuberge the buses might drive during this time. Please use the sledge run and not the street for this part.

After the block time at 1600 the buses will only operate on requests. Reservations are too made on phone 081- 300 30 70 or per email info@heuberge.ch. We do have a minimum of 6 persons for the bus transfer.