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Starting time & meeting point

Ski instructors & students will meet in the reception of Mountain Lodge Arflina.

Time for morning lesson

  • 09.30 O`clock

Time for afternoon lesson

  • 12.30 O`clock

If you have a delay please contact us on 081-300 30 70



Getting there

For our hotel guest it is easy to find. The reception is located in Mountain Lodge Arflina. Guests staying in Mountain Lodge Heuberge can walk up or take the bus. Guest from the village can take the bus from Fideris Sägerei. At 09.00 the bus will take you directly to Mountain Lodge Arflina. If you have an afternoon lesson we recommend you to take the bus at 11.30.


The perfect age to start skiing is around 3-4 years old. If you have a younger child it will also be possible to have a lesson with an instructor. It is also of course possible to learn at an older age. The instructors will take the time with just you so you can learn in your own pace.



If you are a beginner we recommend you to take half day lesson with the instructor. The first time on skis can be really hard and you don`t want to scare your children. Then is it also possible for another activity that day.



Please bring the correct equipment to the lesson. Comfortable and warm clothes will help you when going on the slopes.


Comfortable ski clothes, good googles and a helmet is a must. But of course do not forget gloves, skis, poles and boots.


Also here you will need ski clothes, googles and a helmet. The gloves should have built in wrist guards. The snowboards boots should be comfortable and fit your feet.

Rental equipment

For the one that doesn`t have any own equipment can rent skis, poles, boots, snowboard and helmet in our ski rental in Mountian Lodge Arflina.


You can buy the ski ticket at the counter in Fideris Sägerei or at the reception in Berghaus Arflina.


Is very important and it is the responsibility of the participants. We recommend you to get a  Rega-Membership.