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... of the avalanches

For safety outside to the slopes

The mountain at Fideriser Heuberge can look harmless. Nevertheless, it might come some avalanches, which can be started from people going on a tour, freeriders or even snowshoe walkers.

We therefor ask you to pay attention to the following points:

  • Please find the updated avalanche bulletin from the Swiss Avalanche Research institute SLF Link avalanche bulletin
  • The avalanche bulletin is posted for information in Arflina. On request we can print it for you too.
  • Let your family or friends know about your tour or let the reception staff know about it. Do not choose a route that you don`t know or feel safe about, then please join a guide or a mountain guide.
  • Go properly equipped on tour.
  • Bring an avalanche transmitter and turn it on properly.
  • Only go on tour with the correct equipment.
  • Avoid steep slopes

For more information about the correct equipment and the proper behaviour you will find here: Link: Link brochure danger of Avalanches bfu. Also note the following point in case of emergency: Link Emergency