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For emergencies

In case of emergency

So you can enjoy your winter sport trip and prevent accident, please have a look at the following information supplied by the bfu.

If you should have a accident in the slopes or see one please keep the following in mind.

  • Keep calm
  • Secure and mark the accident site
  • Give first aid and protect the injured against the cold.
  • Call for medical assistance or tell an employee of the Heuberge AG. You can also report the accident under the number 081-300 30 70 and we will alert the Ski patrol or Rega
  • Give us the location, the age and sex of the injured.
  • Stay with the injured and give first aid until the ski Patrol or Rega arrives.
  • Give us all your personal details since you are a witness and as well the identity of the injured person.
  • The emergency service in Heuberge AG will if necessary report directly to Rega.

Emergency number

  • Heuberge AG 081-300 30 70
  • Ambulance 144
  • Rega 1414