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A lot of people are coming here to go hiking. To get to the nearby Clunerlake you just need to walk approximately 30 minutes. After the visit here and the walk back to the restaurant and the ice cream coupe will taste even better. Mattjischhorn is a little bit further away, but the view is more spectacular and hiking experts finds their luck on a tour to Glattwang. Please get some inspiration from our hiking suggestions.

Experience the wonderful mountains and climb one of the two local mountains “Glattwang and “Mattjischhorn” and with some luck you might spot some chamois or deers. Multi-day trips can be arranged with stay over at the nearby areas, for example the Hochwanghütte in Schanfigg. Or walk along the flower track and learn a lot about the flora of Fideriser Heuberge.


Clunerlakes: For families, seniors and all relaxers 

At the Clunerlakes the ducks and frogs says good night. Passing meadows and the flying field the Clunerlakes can be reached within about 30 minutes.  At the upper Clunerlake the mountain creek runs through the landscape, a perfect place for children to play undisturbed by the waterfront. For those who still want to expand their tour, the path continue to Arflina-Furgga passing alpine Meadows and happy cows.    

Mattjischhorn: For top lovers

This track will take you from Arflina over the magnificent mountains overlooking Cluner lake up to Arflina Furgga and from there over the ridge all the way up to the top of Mattjischhorn. There you can fulfil you top book. 

The track takes about 3 hours and is suitable for both young and old.






Glattwang: For experts and nature lovers 

From Arflina you will follow the flower track for a while, here you can learn about special flora in Fideriser Heuberge. You will then take the track passing Alpenrosen to Glattwang lake. Here it is a great chance that you will run in to a marmot. After this the track will take you over the ridge to Glattwang (2376 meters above sea level) From the edge you will have a wonderful view over the wildlife and with some luck you might see some deer’s if you are there in the morning. Also on your way back around Glattwang you might see some chamois, also in the afternoon. From the ridge the track will take you back over Arflina-Furgga and down to Heuberge.  

Tip: Hikers should be stable and not afraid of heights for this tour.

Chamois at Glattwang
Chamois at Glattwang

Gipfelstürmer am Glattwang
Gipfelstürmer am Glattwang