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Back in the days it was a stable, now it is a bar.

Well known and proven, that is our Kuhstallbar. When you visit the bar the night might turn into day before you even know it. Our friendly bar staff love to serve you drinks during the night and parties until morning are very common in this bar. If you have any music wishes we are more than happy to play them to get you in the right mood.

Blick in die Kuhstallbar.
Blick in die Kuhstallbar.

We recommend to stay the night in one of our Berghäuser so you don’t have to travel back home after the party.

When it is time to get home

After your visit to the Kuhstallbar you can rent a sledge and ride down to the village.

However, we advise you to moderate alcohol consumtion if you decide to take the sledge to the village after a visit in one of our bars.