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Grüazi am Berg! The place for families and groups.

Surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery everyone will find what they like, it doesn`t matter if you are an athlete, relaxer, nature lovers, family or a group. We have individuality, comfort, friendliness and tradition. The peace and the beautiful surroundings with a lot of hills is a paradise for ski touring and snowshoe hikes.

Heuberge offers something for everyone. From a traditional Cottage evening with Fondue followed by sledging from the light of the full moon to dog sledge workshops and Winter Sport holiday in the middle of the ski area. Please let us know how we can help you to make your mountain experience the best possible.  

Winterarea Heuberge
Winterarea Heuberge

Whether it is a day, weekend trip or vacation this is the place where you can escape your everyday life and enjoy yourself in the beautiful nature of Fideris, far away from the mass tourism and stress. The two local mountains “Glattwang” and “Mattjischhorn” and the connection routes to Davos and Arosa attract nature lovers from everywhere.

The party feeling in Brenn Bar and Kuhstallbar along with a marvellous view over the Rätikon Mountains and the incredible adrenalin rush from the night Airboarding of a floodlighted slope is for everyone to experience. We have accommodation for everyone, from romantic double rooms to dorms. Enjoy the typical mountain specialities in the cosy Bündner Stübli or on one of our 3 sun terraces.

For more information please contact us Tel. 0041 – (0)81 300 30 70 or info@heuberge.ch

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your Heuberge Team