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The history of Heuberge

1932 Berghaus Heuberge is built as a SAC Hut .
December 1935 Berghaus Arflina opens. Hans and Ursula Valer-Fümm take over as tenants and run the house for 6 years.
December 1941 André and Nelly Rominger take over Arflina. They have until now run the Val Maladers.
1957 A new Ski lift is build.
1958 Starts to build Chalet Rominger (now called Chalet Arflina)
1963 With the purchase of the actual ski and mountain houses in 1963, the family Rominger increases the Arflina with building a cable car from Höhe to Arflina.
19.12.1963 The father Rominger has an accident in Val Maladers and dies in the hospital in Chur in Februar 1964. He leaves his wife Nelly and their 3 children Marlis, Anita und André.
1971 The first Ski lift is replaced with a Ski lift with higher capacity.
1.1.1978 Berghaus Arflina which is made of wood is burnt down to the ground, because of a short circuit in one of the generators.
1979 In September 1979 the new Berghaus Arflina opens.
1996 Davos Parsenn buys the Heuberge.
1997 The platter lift is replaced.
1999 Building start of the “Wintergarden” (Berghaus Arflina)
June 2011 Walter Vetsch buys the the Fideriser Heuberge.
November 2012 Fideris Heuberge is connected to the power grid.
December 2012 The new reception and office are opened.